Being a southpaw and a shooter presents many challenges. You can either try to learn to shoot right-handed, you can use a right-handed rifle left-handed, or you can buy one of the few left-hand rifles.

Most of us lefties simply cannot shoot right-handed. I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn shooting with my wrong hand. If we could use our right hands, we wouldn't be called lefties!

Shooting a right-hand rifle left-handed is easier, but definitely not perfect. With a bolt action rifle, for example, you must get used to reaching up and over to work the bolt between shots. It's not very quick or efficient. Plus, of course, you have to get used to shell casing ejecting in your face.

Left-hand rifles make shooting much easier. The rifle controls are finally where they should be, for us.

The selection of left-hand rifles has always been minimal, but luckily there are still quite a few good options on the market.

Come in and see the south paw wall where we have left handed bolt action rifles and shotguns.

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